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Legoformer1000's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Well hello there!

I am Legoformer1000, that guy who makes stuff with SFM and GMod!

So, you'd like to hear lil' bit of info, hmm?

My TF2 guy man thing (or persona) is that heavy that you see on the ID. Yes, red beard and hair, because i like red.

and i like to do things with SFM and GMod. Mostly SFM nowdays, but yeah, i do GMod stuff sometimes.

Well, more info can be seen on that "Interests" thing, because im a lazy writer ok

So, welcome to my profile!


[SFM] Nanoboosted Terror by Legoformer1000
[SFM] Nanoboosted Terror

Im suddenly alive again! With a new pic!

But wait, this is that bootleg of TF2

I hope you wont mind, cause i really like Overwatch, and this was the only idea i had in the whole time, so yeh

Also the first time i did a pic on 4K, heck yea

Oh and i almost forgot, the fitting song:…
Eyo people!

Welp, i have been quite inactive in these 2 last months, so i tough today would be a good day to tell whats been going on, and why i have been so inactive lately.

So yeah, here we go:

I have been on a quite big art-block lately. Like, i have an urge to make some pictures, but i have no idea what shall i do.

And on top of the art-block, i found a summer job for myself, so that means I am quite busy with it, and when i'm back from it, i am usually pretty tired after my shift.

And then there's times when i have time, i have ideas, but then i just don't feel motivated. And that just sucks balls.

So yeah, there's the reasons why i have been so inactive, but hey, today is the special day for TF2, so maybe that will spark some ideas for me!

Lets hope that the updates gonna be good!

I think that's i-

WAIT, theres something that i have been workin' on tho!

So, time to be a bit of an sellout, but me and Pannox have been working on a mod for TF2 that basically fucks alot of shit up, and a while ago (almost two weeks ago goddam) he made a video of it and released it!

Here's the video incase you are interested on seeing how much we fucked TF2 up:

alright, now that i got my sellout out of my way, now im done.

I am sorry for the wait, and i hope you understand!

see ya soon people!
  • Listening to: Some random shit i find on soundcloud or so
  • Reading: Reading:
  • Watching: you still got it; you ;)
  • Playing: PAYDAY 2, TF2, DOOM and Overwatch
  • Eating: Water
  • Drinking: Pizza
[SFM] Feel the Anger by Legoformer1000
[SFM] Feel the Anger
after being uninspired for ages, i finally got an idea, but eh, its very simple

and this time its not about angry people holding guns, and something that reminds me of one of my earlier works now that i think back

well, i still suck at descriptions

darn, well, now i gotta see if i get more ideas
I feel like writing a thing about whats goin on lately would be coolio, even tho 90% of you guys wont care, but i got nothing else to do at the moment so i could do this lmao :v)

and i wanted to write this yesterday, but it was the meme day, where Google infected GMail with Minions, and other "hilarious pranks" where made, so ya, now it aint no fool.

Let me start with slow upload rates, like why I upload so rarely now, it went from couple of pictures per month to one picture per 1 - 2 months. What happened?

I think i told something about this (and on upcomin' topics i could talk on this same journal) on my last update, but if thats the case, i am going to repeat it then.

I am pretty stressed up every day, mostly because of school, and sometimes because of other things. Another reason for no content could be that i am running low on ideas. Because whenever i do stuff with no idea what to do, they end up looking pretty bad. We all know that, because we all have done that, i think? But yeah, i am going to have a slower upload rate on SFM stuff, and at times, do GMod stuff when im in mood for them (and if its still relevant ayy).

What about the GMod shit? I want to see more heavies with funny faces!

I STILL haven't completely quit'd doing Garry's Mod pictures, but i haven't really been on mood for them lately. I might go for a serious Garry's Mod picture once, like this i made for my friend once because he/she requested to do a picture of his/her loadout, but I'll see when i am in mood for Gmod again.

What do you mean by "not in mood for them"? You depressed mate?

I just have been feeling quite poop often lately. Partly because of the Stress that school gives me, partly because other tiny personal problems. I am in a very okay condition, so no need to worry about me, even tho i feel poop and all very often, but still, i am all fine.

Is there anything new that you are up to or are you still doing the same shit you do all the time?

Well, there are three things that i am pretty interested on, and currently practicing on them all at sometimes;

First being drawing
Old news, but I want to learn to draw, but there is still alot to learn. Like anatomy, hands, actual faces, legs and the list goes on and on. Well, i guess i can share my only drawing that i am pretty proud of, but i wont upload it here on deviantArt because i don't feel like it.
under my bone by Legoformer1000
Theres the thing. WIP, Undertale and utter shit at the same time. Too lazy to complete it, most of the Undertale fandom being quite bad (i want to make undertale fanart, but that is what is causing me to not to make them (or upload the shit i made in about it)) and it being utter shit are the reasons why i probably wont upload this here.

Second could be Modeling
I have been starting to practice blender, and i have already learned somewhat alot of different things, even tho there is alot more to learn. But i better practice more on that too, because practice makes better.

Third is Animating
Old news too, but i better learn on animating more. I already know the basics, but now all the movement is like spaghetti or robotic movement. Nothing much to say here.

And there is kinda a fourth one too, but its going to be kinda like an advertisement for my friend because why not :v))))
My pal :iconpannox: has been doing some gameplay videos on youtube, and i have been in some of his videos, so i can say its pretty interesting and fun shit to do (and i have been helping him with thumbnails and some visuals there too), so it could be neat if you check some of them out!
I would link more, but there is no way to resize youtube videos in deviantArt, so damn, it would be too big.

So why did you write this again? Because you could advertise your friend or what? f*ckin stup*d.

I wrote this because i felt like it. Because if there is someone who is actually interested on whats goin' on, so for those, i got this update for cha. :v)

also all-father got updated and i want to do a pic of it, but no motivation. fuk.

and also i belive the grammar sucks on this journal because i wrote this on midnight, so i am very tired, but bored

and if you got here, thanks for reading! luv u xoxoxo
  • Listening to: GiIvaSunner's High Quality Video Game Rips
  • Reading: Reading:
  • Watching: you guessed it; you ;)
  • Playing: PAYDAY 2, TF2, Audiosurf 2, some other shit with 2
  • Eating: Water
  • Drinking: Pizza
[SFM] What if PAYDAY 2 was a movie by Legoformer1000
[SFM] What if PAYDAY 2 was a movie
it would be about goats and memes lmao

and a 10/10 name because im outta ideas with them now

But yeah, something that i wanted to do for a while now, an action movie poster of something, and now that i had my week off, and saw that there was a digital art contest hosted on PAYDAY 2 discussion threads and hosted by moderators there, so yeah, perfect chance to make this

and im pretty sure i got the poster credit info wrong but oh well, first time doing this kind of thing

Also if you aint a big fan of the poster style, no need to worry, because i made some variations!

they are right here:

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